Historical outline

dbt FIBRE was founded in 2003 as a result of the merger of four companies created in the first half of the last century in four countries with a long historical tradition in the textile sector:

DE MARTINI activity begins in the 60s in Biella beginning the first production of fancy tops industrially in Italy.

ACHILLE BAYART & C. in Roubaix in France opens its first plant in the 30s maturing so the strongest experience both in production and in the marketing world of tapes for fancy yarns.

TEXTIFIBRA born in the 60s in SABADELL consolidated on local and international markets, primarily Spanish-speaking.

LEPOUTRE operates as a top maker in Belgium since the 70s and joins Textifibra 90s.

The merger of these companies total more than one hundred years of experience in the industry and focuses its forces in a trade action once more widespread presence in the markets. This, combined with a new and modern industrial plant located in the heart of one of the largest European textile districts, allows us to meet the challenges of this millennium with the highest international competitiveness.