DBT Fibre - Textile Industry Solutions

DBT Fibre - Textile Industry Solutions

DBT Fibre - Textile Industry Solutions

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For over 80 years world leader in the utilisation of textile fibers, dbt FIBRE combines the most advanced textile technology with specially modified machinery to offer a wide range of carded sliver  and combed tops for classic and fancy yarns. Carded slivers for neppy yarns, flamed slivers for Tweeds, natural fiber tops made from modified fibers such as flat section viscose are the core of our knowhow.

Our range includes slivers for Worsted Spinning and Short-Staple Ring and OE Spinning, slivers for pile fabric and fiber effects  for Carded Spinning. We process all types of natural and synthetic fibers, from wool to cotton, from nylon 6, 66 or 6.10, to aramid fibres, from flame retardant fibres like Kermel to generic cellulosics like viscose or bamboo-viscose or branded cellulose fibres such as Danufil ™, Tencel ™ Lyocel, Tencel ™ Modal , EcoVero ™, Refibra ™ in addition to polyester, acrylic and many others not forgetting Recycled Fibers in line with our philosophy of respect for the environment and promotion of a circular economy.

Underlining our commitment to the environment and to the general wellbeing, we are GRS certified (Global Recycle Standard), OEKO-TEX™ Standard 100 certified and  certified by “Tessile  e Salute” (Textiles & Health)  approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Blends are our specialty giving the final product a unique and personal characteristic,  from plush hair surfaces to  soft  vapourous textures or  captivating color nuances.

DBT FIBRE slivers are typically used in the preparation phase of the spinning cycle in ratios ranging from 10% to 40% of the final yarn blend.

Our products combine the criteria of functionality, quality, touch, appearance and color, offering the spinner a versatile tool for realizations in line with current fashion and a  constantly evolving  textile market.

Initially established as  a specialist in carded sliver for Fancy Yarns and  Tweed effects with  its sliver types Tweedose, Bermuda, Canarie and Londra, DBT FIBRE has over the years diversified and expanded its range to include converter tops, stretchbroken tops and  combed tops.