Minimal and precious, functional and aesthetic, structured and personalized: this is the diktat of the new DBT FIBRE collection.The collection has an image that adopts the active style but expressed in the aesthetics of luxury, where natural materials combine with the technical. It is also a harmonious coexistence between innovation and the retro world that highlights 4 different aesthetic themes.

ESSENTIAL, materials that are apparently simple but with high expressiveness. They stand out for elegance and technology, prevailing metallic sheens and iridescent reflections.

ECO ACTIVE eco-sustainability becomes the key word. The focus is on a symbiotic relationship between man and nature expressed in materials that are bio-renewable or recycled. Sweaters are performing for a fashion that is ethical.

FANTASY ART affirmed is the vocation for research. It is the exploration of new technical possibilities in an avant-garde vision, always balancing between sobriety and extravagance, in a reasonable but cautious desire for fantasy. The materials are voluminous and feathered, knits are three-dimensional and protective.

COLOUR SHOW, an explosion of pure color. It is the taste of rediscovering the art of the “unique piece” where craftsmanship meets technology and yarns surprise for their color effect, thanks to innovative dyeing techniques and production processes.

Confirmed are cold colors that have a polychrome dynamism tempered by neutrals, revised with metallic touches. Pastels are soft and powdered. Neutrals are cold and sophisticated. The brilliants are intense and saturated but luminous. The darks are deep, like colored black. The stars of the season are pink-fuxia, orange, purple, acid green, military, but above all, the full color range of pastels.