For DBT FIBRE, world leader for more than 80 years in the utilization of textile fibers for the production of carded and combed slivers for long staple and short staple spinning, being sustainable is not an abstract idea but a reality that every day translates into specific actions: we promote new models of "sustainable business" in favor of an innovative industry in a circular economy. We create products with the aim of optimizing  their  environmental  and  social  impact.

Our ethical sense is focused on an optimistic vision of the future in line with our corporate values, for which the protection of the environment and the general health are essential values.


The DBT Group has invested in the production of clean energy installing since 2011 a photovoltaic system with a capacity of more than 650 kW  generating savings in CO2 emissions equivalent to 390 tons / year.

Our new office block, designed and built in 2015 as a passive building, optimizes all renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, geothermal), obtaining the PH + certification (PASSIVE HOUSE PLUS) awarded by "PASSIVE HOUSE INSTITUTE ITALIA"  and  becoming  the  first  "passive"  office  building  certified in Italy.

In addition, with the installation of our geothermal plant, in operation since 2018, we have eliminated the use of fuels thereby eliminating any type of polluting emissions into the atmosphere.


Safeguarding   health  and  the  environment  has  always been our priority. DBT FIBRE pays the utmost attention to  the maintenance  of air and water  quality , strictly  avoiding the use of harmful products in all our  processes.

For DBT,  sustainability  is  the  result  of  daily  actions such as the differentiation and recovery of waste materials from  our manufacturing  processes  and  the  recycling  of  100%  of all packaging  materials.


DBT FIBRE believes in a company based on the respect of all individuals and the importance of the general health of our employees and of the consumer.  We work with a constant commitment to the development  of  high quality products that combine our know-how with the value of each individual involved in their production, always searching for increasingly sustainable processes.